Photoactive Polymers

Journal of Flow Chemistry Paper

Chris published his research into polymer supported photosensitisers in the Journal of Flow chemistry.


Automated Synthesis Forum

Mary and Dominic attend the Automated Synthesis Forum (ASF) at the Strathclyde Innovation Centre (Glasgow) to listen to some great talks on flow chemistry, automated synthesis and machine learning in chemistry.

Organic Letters Publication

Claire from the Lee group at Heriot-Watt has her work on enantioselective desymmetrisation of polycyclic cyclohexenediones published in Organic Letters.
Org Lett 2019

John Tobin Wins EPS Thesis Prize

Recent graduate from the VilelaLab John Tobin has been awarded an EPS Thesis prize for his work during his PhD.


FindaPhD Event

Mary Jones helps out at the FindaPhD event at Heriot-Watt University, sharing her experiences as a research student.

mjPhD event

Welcome to New PhD Student

The VilelaLab welcomes new PhD. student Sam, who will be studying the use of polymer nano carriers for controlled release of agrochemicals.


Welcome to MChem Research Students

The VilelaLab welcomes the undergraduate MChem students Melanie, Brendan and Stuart, who will be conducting their final year research projects within the group.

Chris Shows Off His Polystyrene Beads and his BODIPY Rose

Chris attends the Chemical Science symposium in London, where he presented his work on polystyrene supported photocatalysts. While there he won an award for his poster.


Collaborative Paper Published

Collaborative work between the Barker group at Heriot-Watt and the VilelaLab has been published in Chemistry - A European Journal, discussing lithiation-substitution reactions of 1,3,4-oxadiazoles under flow conditions.

chem euro j 2019

Visit to Lincoln

Mary, Manos and Cathryn visit collaborator Dr. Gareth Lloyd at the University of Lincoln. While there, they attended the Macrocycle and Supramolecular Chemistry (MASC) early research careers meeting, where they all presented posters on their research.




Mary Learns All About Neutron Scattering

Mary Jones visits the ISIS Neutron source to learn how to perform neutron scattering experiments. Whilst there, she presented her poster on supramolecular gels and won an award for best soft matter poster.


Congratulations Dr. Tobin

Congratulations to John Tobin who graduated with his PhD. in chemistry. The newly minted Dr. Tobin has spent 5 years as part of the VilelaLab and will shortly be joining the group of Prof. Neil McKeown at the University of Edinburgh as a postdoc. Good Luck!!!

Final Year PhD. Talks

Cathryn Shepherd presents her work on 1,3,4,2-dioxazaboroles for her final year PhD. talk (17th June 2019).


RSC Dalton Meeting

Filipe Vilela discusses photoactive polymers at the RSC Dalton meeting, 10th July 2019.


Jon Weaver PhD. Prize

Congratulations to Dr. John Tobin, who was jointly awarded the Jon Weaver PhD. prize for 2018, awarded to the top PhD. students in the field of polymer science throughout the UK.


SCI Competition Winner

RSC Scottish Organic Division Meeting

Chris Thomson presenting his poster at the University of Strathclyde

Beam On

SANS2D @ ISIS Neutron and Muon Source with Dr Valeria Arrighi and Mary Jones

PhD Success

Congratulations John Tobin for a successful PhD

Welcoming our latest PhD student, Mary Jones

supramolecular and polymeric gel materials enabled by, and enabling, chemical transformations