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recent talks

Expanding the Tool Kit of Automated Continuous Flow Technologies, Technologies and the Future of Chemistry, an event organised by the RSC, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, November 2023
Photocatalysis in Flow: Technologies for Accelerating Sustainable Synthesis, Flow Chemistry Europe 2023, Cambridge, UK, May 2023
Photochemistry in Flow: Technologies for Accelerating Sustainable Synthesis, Saltire Catalysis Symposium, Edinburgh, Scotland, December 2022
Visible Light Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species in a Vortex Fluidic Device, Webinar on Vortex Fluidic Technology organised by Prof Colin Raston, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia, January 2021
Development and Impact of Surface-Disinfectants that Eradicate Pathogens with Light, Global Challenges Research Fund Webinar, October 2020
Photocatalytic Reactionware in Flow: a new paradigm for photochemistry, Flow Chemistry Europe, Cambridge, UK, March 2020
Polymer-Supported Organic Photocatalysts in Continuous Flow, Seminar talk at Imperial College London, UK, November 2019
Photoactive Polymers as Heterogenous Photocatalysts in Continuous Flow, RSC Scottish Dalton Meeting, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 2019
Synthesis of Polymer Nanoparticles in Flow, Seminar talk at São Paulo State University, Sorocaba, Brazil, September 2018
Photocatalytic Reactionware in Flow: a New Paradigm in Photochemistry, Seminar talk at City University of Hong Kong, August 2018
Polymer-Supported (Photo)Catalysts, 46th Scottish Regional Meeting of the RSC Organic Division, Edinburgh, UK, January 2018
Conductive Organic Materials in Sensors, Seminar talk at Cenimat, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, July 2017
Conjugated Porous Polymers as Heterogenous (Photo)Catalysts, Seminar at Queen Mary University of London, UK, January 2017